Monday, December 1, 2014

One Semester Down 
Editor in Chief: Jenna Carvallo

It is almost the end of the semester and much has happened. By this time the class of 2016 is getting the routine down, the LVNs are blending in as if they were with us from the beginning,  and the class of 2015 (woo woo!) will have another semester under their belts. So far there has been great team work, bonding, and a sense of comradery among both classes.

Few Announcements

The Christmas party is coming up, Dec. 11, and it is always a good time to unwind and get to come together as peers. I want to thank everyone who sent pictures to chronicle our endeavors.  Also I will start to post more on the blog. Finally every nursing student is an NSA member, if anyone has any questions, suggestions, or concerns, any one of the NSA representative can be contacted.

Class of 2015 Officers

President: Arik Alba

Treasurer: Anthony Petrini

Newsletter Editor in Chief: Jenna Carvallo

Newsletter Team: Dagan Bruemmer, Mylene Magallanes, Jenny Nguyen

Student Advisory: Christina Lepe and Jenessa Mairs

NSA Representative: Dorey Ann Levi

ICC Representatives:Katherine Catahan and Stephanie Figueroa

Activities Coordinators: Joy Martin-Spriggs and Jennifer Merchant

Faculty Advisor: Janis Wisherop, RN, MSN

Class of 2016 Officers

Vice President: Josephine Morante

Secretary: Nolan Villamil

Newsletter Team: Aiko Garcia, Rosa Mendoza, Michael Wang

Student Advisory:Taylor Lehane & Michelle White

NSA Representatives:Jessica Holeman and Victoria Moore

ICC Representatives:Catheryn Hugo & Abhinesh Narayan


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