Thursday, April 2, 2015

What Do Nursing Students Do On Spring Break…? By:  Jenna Carvallo Editor in Chief


When most students think of spring break they think of vacation, beaches, time to be with friends to let off some steam. Well as most of you know, nursing students are a different kind of breed when it comes to most students.  While the rest of the spring breakers were enjoying their well-deserved vacation, several of the CSM nursing students signed up for more classes. That’s right; we all thought how we can make good use of this week of leisure. Eight of us (some not pictured here) decided to take the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification class.

Heart Share in San Jose held a two day class and their instructors where very friendly and well prepared to teach the grooling class.  I think I can speak for everyone who took the class and say we would highly recommend going to Heart Share for the ACLS training.  They also offer a discount for students and continuing education credits for nurses. They found a way to make it fun and covered everything we would need to know, not only to pass the test, but feel confident in knowing what to do in a mega code. I feel confident that I can take on any role in team when there is a code, from giving medications to being the leader.

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