Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Welcome Back!

Hello & Welcome Back Everyone!

My name is Nolan Ryan Villamil & I am your new Editor-in-Chief for the Newsletter for the 2015-2016 school year. 

First, I would like to congratulate the first year students on being admitted into the program & embarking on this journey we all know as nursing school. You have all taken your first big step into one of the most rewarding professions and we cannot wait to see what you have to bring to the table. It's a very overwhelming feeling at first and many of you may feel like even though you just started that you're already behind and THAT'S OKAY. You're about to learn all the tricks and trade to this practice while learning how to juggle your loved ones, social life, and finding time for yourself. All of that comes in time. So as of now just remember to be open minded, flexible, and take everything day by day. You're going through an adjustment period and you'll be learning to "THINK LIKE A NURSE" in no time. Please don't hesitate to approach any of the second years and pick our brains because we are more than willing to help you succeed. 

Class of 2017

Second, I would like to congratulate the second years, Class of 2016, on making it through the first year as we go on to finish our last four classes before we're officially done with nursing school. We have come a long way since we all started in Nursing 211. We've learned how to do a physical assessment, explored and incorporated the nursing process into our care, prioritize patients, and become effective communicators in just a matter of one school year. Now, here were are ready to build more on the knowledge as we make it through the last leg of our program. This year is going to fly by quickly just like the first year so let's make the most of the time we have together. I'd also like to welcome the newest editions to our class, the LVN's! Welcome to the most dysfunctional nursing family, we're glad to have you! Let's get this done and start handling business. 

Class of 2016

This is just a reminder that we are all apart of NSA (Nursing Student Association). If any of you want to write an article, interview, or have something pertinent that you would like to post on this blog please contact me and we can make it happen! For all other inquiries contact any NSA officer. 

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